Laboratory of Chromosome Structure and Function

List of Publications

Solinhac R, Leroux S, Galkina S, Chazara O, Feve K, Vignoles F, Morisson M, Derjusheva S, Bed'hom B, Vignal A, Fillon V, Pitel F.
Integrative mapping analysis of chicken microchromosome 16 organization
BMC Genomics. – 2010. , Nov 4; 11:616.

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Chicken Lampbrush Chromosomes: Transcription of Tandemly Repetitive DNA Sequences
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Daks A., Deryusheva S., Krasikova A., Zlotina A., Gaginskaya E., Galkina S.
Lampbrush Chromosomes of the Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica): A New Version of Cytogenetic Maps
Russian Journal of Genetics. – 2010. – V. 46(10). – P. 1178-1181.

Krasikova A., Gaginskaya E.
Organisation of centromere regions of chromosomes in the lampbrush phase
Tsitologiia. – 2010. – V. 52(7). – P. 515-33.

Zlotina A, Galkina S, Krasikova A, Crooijmans RP, Groenen MA, Gaginskaya E, Deryusheva S.
Precise centromere positioning on chicken chromosome 3.
Cytogenet Genome Res. – 2010. – V. 129(4). – P.310-313.

Krasikova A., Daks A., Zlotina A., Gaginskaya E.
Polymorphic heterochromatic segments in Japanese quail microchromosomes.
Cytogenetics and Genome Research. – 2009. – V. 126. – P.148-155

Gaginskaya E., Kulikova T., Krasikova A.
Avian Lampbrush Chromosomes: a Powerful Tool for Exploration of Genome Expression
Cytogenet Genome Res. – 2009. – V.124. – P.251-267.

Griffin D.K., Robertson L.B., Tempest H.G., Vignal A., Fillon V., Crooijmans R.P.M.A., Groenen M.A.M., Deryusheva S., Gaginskaya E., Carre W., Waddington D., Talbot R., Volker M., Masabanda J.S., Burt D.W.
Whole genome comparative studies between chicken and turkey and their implications for avian genome evolution
BMC Genomics. – 2008. – V. 14 (9). – P.168-182.

Svetlana Deryusheva, Alla Krasikova, Tatiana Kulikova, Elena Gaginskaya
Tandem 41-bp repeats in chicken and Japanese quail genomes: FISH mapping and transcription analysis on lampbrush chromosomes
Chromosoma. — 2007. — V. 116 — P.519-530.

Krasikova A., Deryusheva S., Galkina S., Kurganova A., Evteev A., Gaginskaya E.
On the positions of centromeres in chicken lampbrush chromosomes
Chromosome Res. — 2006 — V. 14 — P.777-789.

Krasikova A, Barbero JL, Gaginskaya E.
Cohesion proteins are present in centromere protein bodies associated with avian lampbrush chromosomes
Chromosome Res. — 2005. — V.13. — P.675-685.

Galkina S . , Deryusheva S., Fillon V., Vignal A., Crooijmans R., Groenen M., Rodionov A., Gaginskaya E.
FISH on avian lampbrush chromosomes produces higher resolution gene mapping
Genetica. — 2006. — V. 128 — P.241-251

K. V. Zakharova, S. A. Galkina, N. A. Lukina, and A. V. Rodionov
Crossing Over in Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) Oogenesis: Periodic Arrangement of Chiasmata over Chromosomes
Russian Journal of Genetics. —2006 — Vol. 42 —No. 6 —P. 691–695.

N. M. Vishnyakova, J.-C. Lacroix and A. V. Rodionov
Cytogenetic Maps of Lampbrush Chromosomes of Newts of the Genus Pleurodeles: An Algorithm of Lampbrush
Chromosome Identification in Pleurodeles waltl by Immunocytochemical Staining of Landmark Loops with Polyclonal Anti-Ro52 Antisera
Genetika. —2004 — Vol. 40 —No. 5 —P. 491–499.

Derjusheva S., Kurganova A., Habermann F., Gaginskaya E.
High chromosome conservation detected by comparative chromosome painting in chicken, pigeon and passerine birds
Chromosome Res. — 2004. — V. 12. — P.715-723.

Deryusheva S., Gall J.G.
Dynamics of coilin in Cajal bodies of the Xenopus germinal vesicle
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. — 2004— V. 101 (14).— P.4810-4814.

Krasikova A., Kulikova T., Saifitdinova A., Derjusheva S., Gaginskaya E.
Centromeric protein bodies on avian lampbrush chromosomes contain a protein detectable with an antibody against DNA topoisomerase II
Chromosoma. — 2004. — V. 116, — P. 316–323.

Derjusheva S., Kurganova A., Krasikova A., Saifitdinova A., Habermann F.A., Gaginskaya E.
Precize identification of chicken chromosomes in the lampbrush form using chromosome painting probes
Chromosome research. — 2003. — V. 11, — P. 749–757.

Saifitdinova A., Derjusheva S., Krasikova A., Gaginskaya E.
Lampbrush chromosomes of the chaffinch ( Fringilla coelebs L. )
Chromosome research. — 2003. — V. 11, — P. 99–113.

A. V. Rodionov and M. S. Chechik
Lampbrush Chromosomes in the Japanese Quail Coturnix coturnix japonica: Cytological Map of Macrochromosomes
and Meiotic Crossing-over Frequency in Females.
Russian Journal of Genetics. — 2002. — V. 38, — N.9 —P. 1054 - 1059.

Liangouzov I.A., Derjusheva S.E., Saifitdinova A.F., Malykh A.G., Gaginskaya E.R.
Monomers of a satellite DNA sequence of chaffinch ( Fringilla coelebs L., Aves: Passeriformes) contains short clusters of the TTAGGG repeat
Rus. J Genetics. — 2002. — V. 38, — P. 1359–1364.
Abstract Full text (PDF, 171K)

Rodionov A. V., Lukina N. A., Galkina S. A., Solovei I., Saccone S.
Crossing Over in Chicken Oogenesis: Cytological and Chiasma-Based Genetic Maps of the Chicken Lampbrush Chromosome 1
J. Hered. — 2002. — v. 93, N. 2. — P. 125–129.

Malykh A. G., Zhurov V. G., Saifitdinova A. F., Deryusheva S. E., Gaginskaya E. R.
Structural and Functional Characterization of a Centromeric Highly Repetitive DNA Sequence of Fringilla coelebs L. (Aves: Passeriformes)
Molekulyarnaya Biologiya (Russ. J. Mol. Biol.). — 2001. — V. 35, N. 3. — P. 331–335.
Abstract Full text (PDF, 78K)

Solovei I. V., Joffe B. I., Gaginskaya E. R., Macgregor H. C.
Transcription on lampbrush chromosomes of a centromerically localized highly repeated DNA in pigeon ( Columba ) relates to sequence arrangement
Chromosome research. — 1996. — V. 4, N. 8. — P. 588–603.

Saifitdinova A. F., Derjusheva S. E., Malykh A. G., Zhurov V. G., Andreeva T. F., Gaginskaya E. R.
Centromeric tandem repeat from the chaffinch genome: Isolation and molecular characterization
Genome. — 2001. — V. 44, N. 1. — P. 96–103.

Saifitdinova A.F., Timofejeva L.P., Zhurov V.G., Gaginskaya E.R
A highly repeated FCP centromeric sequence from chaffinch ( Fringilla coelebs ) genome is revealed within interchromosomal connectives during mitosis
Tsitologia. — 2000. — V. 42, N. 6. — P. 588–593.
Abstract Full text (PDF, 2010K)

Lukina N. A.
Characterization of meiotic chromosomes in the oocytes of some Lacertidae (Reptilia)
Tsitologiia — 1994. — V. 36, — P. 323–329.

Gaginskaya E.R., Rodionov A.V., Solovei I.V.
Avian lampbrush chromosomes as a tool for high resolution chromosome mapping.
Abstr. 8th North American Colloquium on Domestic Animal Cytogenetics and Gene Mapping,
Guelph, Ontario, Canada, July 13-16, — 1993. — P. 117–118.

Solovei I.V., Khutinaeva M.A., Chelysheva L.A., Rodionov A.V., Gaginskaya E.R.
Lampbrush sex bivalent of the birds: Identification and structure.
Tsitologiia — 1990. — V. 32, — P. 816–824.

Chelysheva L.A., Solovei I.V., Rodionov A.V., Yakovlev A.F., Gaginskaya E.R.
The lampbrush chromosomes of the chicken. The cytological map of macrobivalents.
Tsitologiia — 1990. — V. 32, — P. 303–316.
Abstract Full text (PDF, 587K)

Gaginskaya E.R.
The lampbrush chromosomes in the amphibian oocytes.
Tsitologiia — 1989. — V. 31, — P. 1267–1291.

Khutinaeva M.A., Kropotova E.V., Gaginskaya E.R.
Morpho-functional organization of the lampbrush chromosomes in oocytes of the pigeon Columba livia .
Tsitologiia — 1989. — V. 31, — P. 1185–1192.

Rodionov A.V., Chelysheva L.A., Kropotova E.V., Gaginskaya E.R.
Heterochromatic regions of the chromosomes in mitosis and at the lampbrush stage in the domestic fowl and Japanese quail.
Tsitologiia — 1989. — V. 31, — P. 867–873.

Tarantul V.Z., Rodionov A.V., Makarova I.V., Goltsov V.A., Chelysheva L.A., KhutinaevaM.A., Gaginskaya E.R., Gazaryan K.G.
Transcription of moderately repeated conservative sequences of the vertebrate genome: molecular and cytological analysis.
Tsitologiia — 1989. — V. 31, — P. 619–625.

Gaginskaya E.R., Tsvetkov A.G.
Electon-microscopic investigation of chromatin structure in dispersed lampbrush chromosomes of the hen.
Tsitologiia — 1988. — V. 30, — P. 142–150.

Gaginskaya E.R., Kasyanov V.L., Kogan G.L.
Ribosomal gene amplification and extrachromosomal nucleoli formation in oocytes of starfish Henricia hayashi Djakonov (Echinasteridae: Echinorerm)
Tsitologiia — 1987. — V. 29, — P. 1233–1238.

Kropotova E.V., Gaginskaya E.R.
Lampbrush chromosomes from the Japanese quail oocytes.
Tsitologiia — 1984. — V. 26, — P. 1008–1015.

Tsvetkov A.G., Gaginskaya E.R.
The nuclear matrix of oocytes of the chaffinch ( Fringilla coelebs L. ).
Tsitologiia — 1983. — V. 25, — P. 649–654.

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Peculiarities of oogenesis in the chicken. II. Follicular period in oocyte development.
Ontogenes (Russ.) — 1980. — V. 11, — P. 213–221.

Chin S.H., Gaginskaya E.R., Kalinina E.I.
Peculiarities of oogenesis in the chicken. I. Extrafollicular period in the development of oocytes
Ontogenes (Russ.) — 1979. — V. 10, — P. 340–349.

Gaginskaya E.R., Gruzova M.N.
Detection of the amplified rDNA in ovarial cells of some insects and birds by hybridization in situ .
Tsitologiia — 1975. — V. 17, — P. 1132–1137.

Gaginskaya E.R.
The problem of classification of oogeneses.
Ontogenes (Russ.) — 1975. — V. 6, — P. 539–545.

Gaginskaya E.R.
The nuclear structures of oocytes in adult birds.II. Protein bodies and the karyosphere.
Tsitologiia — 1972. — V. 14, — P. 568–577.

Gaginskaya E.R.
The nuclear structures of oocytes in adult birds. I. Chromosome behaviour during the oocyte cytoplasm growth.
Tsitologiia — 1972. — V. 14, — P. 426–432.

Gaginskaya E.R., Gruzova M.N.
Peculiarities of oogenesis in the chaffinch.
Tsitologiia — 1969. — V. 11, — P. 1241–1251.


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