N. M. Vishnyakova, J.-C. Lacroix and A. V. Rodionov
Cytogenetic Maps of Lampbrush Chromosomes of Newts of the Genus Pleurodeles: An Algorithm of Lampbrush Chromosome Identification in Pleurodeles waltl by Immunocytochemical Staining of Landmark Loops with Polyclonal Anti-Ro52 Antisera.
Genetika. —2004 — Vol. 40 —No. 5 —P. 491–499

Our work was aimed at developing a simple and effective method of identi?cation of most or all chromosomes of Pleurodeles newts. To this end, we used DAPI staining of the chromomeres of newt lampbrush chromosomes and immunochemical reactions between the ribonucleoproteins of landmark lateral loops and polyclonal antibodies against human zinc-?nger protein Ro52 (52-kDa Ro/SS-A). A method has been devel- oped to obtain lampbrush chromosome preparations in newts of the genes Pleurodeles. Cytological maps of P. waltl chromosomes (Spanish population/subspecies) showing distributions of chromomeres and marker landmark loops along the chromosome length were constructed.