Galkina S . , Deryusheva S., Fillon V., Vignal A., Crooijmans R., Groenen M., Rodionov A.
Gaginskaya E. FISH on avian lampbrush chromosomes produces higher resolution gene mapping
Genetica. 2006. V. 128 ( in press ) P.


Giant lampbrush chromosomes, which are characteristic of the diplotene stage of prophase I during avian oogenesis, represent a very promising system for precise physical gene mapping. We applied 35 chicken BAC and 4 PAC clones to both mitotic metaphase chromosomes and meiotic lampbrush chromosomes of chicken ( Gallus gallus domesticus ) and Japanese quail ( Coturnix coturnix japonica ). FISH mapping on lampbrush chromosomes allowed us to distinguish closely located probes and revealed gene order more precisely. Our data extended the data earlier obtained using FISH to chicken and quail metaphase chromosomes 1-6 and Z. Extremely low levels of inter- and intrachromosomal rearrangements in the chicken and Japanese quail were demonstrated again. Moreover we did not confirm the presence of a pericentric inversion in Japanese quail chromosome 4 as compared to chicken chromosome 4. Twelve BAC clones specific for chicken chromosome 4p and 4q showed the same order in quail as in chicken when FISH was performed on lampbrush chromosomes. The centromeres of chicken and quail chromosomes 4 seem to have formed independently after centric fusion of ancestral chromosome 4 and a microchromosome.

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