Gaginskaya E.R.
Electon-microscopic investigation of chromatin structure in dispersed lampbrush chromosomes of the hen.
Tsitologiia — 1989. — V. 31, — P. 1267–1291.

The review is devoted to the problems of structure, functioning and biological significance of lampbrush chromosomes with respect to amphibian oocytes (the amphibia constitute the only group of animals in whose oocytes the lampbrush chromosomes are intensely studied). It is stressed that up to now many problems of lampbrushology remain unresolved. There exist several speculations accounting for the phenomenon of lampbrush chromosomes, yet either of them can be opposed. Comparative studies of this type of chromosomes in organisms differing in molecular structure of genome, in specific peculiarities of oogenesis, and in developmental biology seem to be most important.