Malykh A. G., Zhurov V. G., Saifitdinova A. F., Deryusheva S. E., Gaginskaya E. R.
Structural and Functional Characterization of a Centromeric Highly Repetitive DNA Sequence of Fringilla coelebs L. (Aves: Passeriformes)
Molekulyarnaya Biologiya (Russ. J. Mol. Biol.). — 2001. — V. 35, N. 3. — P. 331–335.

A highly repetitive centromeric Fringilla coelebs PstI (FCP) element was cloned and sequenced. The FCP tandem repeats with unit 505 or 506 nt accounted for about 0.9% of the entire genome and had 57% GC. Direct genomic sequencing with FCP-specific primers and ThermoFidelase 2A revealed the consensus sequence and the f ive most common single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for the FCP unit. FCP may be transcribed and may play a role in spatial arrangement of the genome.

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