Saifitdinova A.F., Timofejeva L.P., Zhurov V.G., Gaginskaya E.R
A highly repeated FCP centromeric sequence from chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) genome is revealed within interchromosomal connectives during mitosis
Цитология. — 2000. — V. 42, N. 6. — P. 588–593.

A highly repeated FCP (Fringilla coelebs PstI element) sequence was localized by FISH in centromeric regions of all chromosomes of the chaffinch. Besides, FISH signal was found also in interchromosomal connectives linking centromeres of non-homologous chromosomes in mitotic cells. The presence of DNA in the connectives was confirmed by immunostaining with anti-dsDNA antibodies as well as in experiments on nick-translation and random primed labeling in situ. Non-denaturing FISH with FCP probe and random primed labeling of non-denatured chromosomes resulted in fluorescence signal on both centromeres and intercentromeric connectives, thus providing evidence for the availability of single-strand DNA tracts in FCP sequence. It is suggested that the highly repeated FCP centromeric sequence may be respondible for interconnection of mitotic chromosomes and may by involved in nuclear architecture maintenance in the chaffinch.

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