Laboratory of Chromosome Structure and Function


Posters presented at Fourth European Cytogenetics Conference, Bologna September 6–9 2003:

(Abstracts are published in Annales de Genetique, V. 46, N. 2–3, 2003)
  1. Deryusheva S., Kurganova A., Saifitdinova A., Habermann F., Gaginskaya E.
    Assignment of avian lampbrush chromosomes to mitotic metaphase chromosomes using comparative FISH mapping of repetitive sequences and chromosome painting
    Ann. Genet. — 2003. — V. 46, N. 2–3 P. 93.
  2. Krasikova A., Derjusheva S., Saifitdinova A., Gaginskaya E.
    A protein recognized by antibody against amphibian topoisomerase II was found in protein bodies on avian lampbrush chromosomes
    Ann. Genet. — 2003. — V. 46, N. 2–3 P. 211–212
  3. Saifitdinova A., Krasikova A., Derjusheva S., Gaginskaya E.
    Structures containing SR protein SC35 in avian growing oocytes
    Ann. Genet. — 2003. — V. 46, N. 2–3 P. 215

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